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Smackdown Synopsis for 2/7/20 (Naomi/Carmela/Dana Brooke/Alexa Bliss)

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And now, the Best and Worst of WWE Survivor Series Doing a battle royal before the Royal Rumble? The match itself has Roman’s got speed and power, and his sh*t looks good. ‘Dating Naked’ Was Canceled.

The perfect night to stay in and watch Smackdown. Moreover, another long-awaited return tonight, Goldberg to appear and let the world know who s next. Our aperitif if you will be mention of Goldberg appearing later on. We kicked the show off however with a return of the Dirt Sheet. Prior to that, the announce team let us know that Daniel Bryan is scheduled to appear. They then speculated as to what shape he will be in which leads most wrestling fans to want to engage in a comparative analysis between Bryan s welts of 12 days ago vs.

TheRealMorrison mikethemiz pic. The Dirt Sheet lived up to its expectations and this being Oscar weekend, the Miz and the Shaman of Sexy showed a trailer for their upcoming motion picture extravaganza.

Every Royal Rumble in WWE History Ranked

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With the Royal Rumble fast approaching on January 26, the next few weeks will set the tone for who has the most momentum heading into the chaotic match. Thirty men and women will compete in each match, but only one Superstar can win their respective title shots at WrestleMania Only a few competitors have been confirmed so far, but some wrestlers still stand out as the most likely winners even with the field so open.

Here are the top picks to win the women’s and men’s Royal Rumble matches for after the January 6 edition of Raw.

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In , a rapping John Cena said it best. What was I thinking quoting him? So just because Razor Ramon had a kickass title defense on the undercard means nothing here. Ad — content continues below. It had to be this one. Yes, Bryan vs. In the match, they were able to make Reigns look like a badass by having him tear through most of the roster. Here, he gets a couple eliminations, then lays down for the rest of it.

The John Report: WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Review

Enter WWE. Tensai takes his talents to the NXT announce desk joining their broadcast team. Tensai receives a little help from a new ally in a match against Brodus Clay on SmackDown. Is TonsOfFunk done for good?

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WWE has begun the year with Shinsuke Nakamura as the Intercontinental Champion, but there’s a strong chance he still won’t be the champion by the time WrestleMania comes around. The Intercontinental Championship has become a bit of a forgotten title in WWE, even with the redesign of the title back in November. In , the Intercontinental title needs to be rejuvenated and shown the respect it deserves since it is one of the most prestigious titles in the WWE.

Let’s take a look and predict who the next five Intercontinental Champions could be in order to help the title return to its former glory. The Monster Among Men needs to win at the Rumble in order to rejuvenate the title and get the title off to a strong start in the new year with a new champion, as well as finally pick up his first singles title in WWE. Nakamura and Strowman can keep feuding after the Rumble, but another superstar should be picking up the title before WrestleMania comes around.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Cesaro capture the Intercontinental Championship since he’s going through his own rejuvenation over the past few weeks while teaming with Nakamura.

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With WWE Royal Rumble almost upon us, we look at every match and see the Ryback’s been shoved into the main event a little too fast, especially since WWE would do that “by the numbers” Royal Rumble commercial and mention.

There are some wrestling fans who believe that a good show, particularly a pay-per-view event, has to be unpredictable. The Elimination Chamber card, from top to bottom, looks very strong. Most of the matches have been built well and have some sort of backstory to them. And most of them look like they could be fairly decent matches. But very few of them leave much doubt as to who is going to win. The reason for that isn’t simply a matter of, “Oh, the WWE has gotten stale and predictable.

Also, this pay-per-view serves, as much as anything, as a setup to Wrestlemania, so there are some logical conclusions to get to the Wrestlemania matches. Swerves are nice from time to time, but sometimes it’s just better to sit back and let the story play itself out. With that said, there’s one X-factor that I haven’t been able to quite figure out yet, and that’s Brock Lesnar.

He’s not on the card, and hasn’t even been on RAW for a few weeks, after making a lot of noise about being the best and No. I’d be very surprised if he didn’t show up at Elimination Chamber in some form, even if it’s just to do a promo. But he certainly could get involved in one of these matches.

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